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Jonathan Morrissey 
Owner, Rich Mar Florists

Being a part of Ryan Ellis Racing is being a part of something larger than just your brand. It is many different brands of all different backgrounds coming together to share a passion for racing and business success. The networking opportunities that have arisen from our relationship with Ryan far exceed customers purchasing our floral arrangements, Ryan has opened the door on so many other levels with athletes and celebrities alike


Casey Elliott,
Owner, Audio Video Specialists

Working with Ryan Ellis has truly been life changing. We ran our first primary race with him in 2018 and have been Team Ellis since then.  Ryan and others we met because of him were a major factor in our move from CA to NC. 


Ryan looks at his sponsors more as partners and that’s something not everyone does. He wants your business to succeed almost as much as he wants to win a race. For example during 2020 when iRacing was really taking off he had multiple custom AVS paint schemes made for us that are available for download. He never asked for additional sponsorship money for that although anytime we do a iRace it’s free marketing for us.


We are fortunate enough to be a small part of Ryan’s career but more importantly we have made life long friendships and relationships that will continue long after any career. 


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